Awakening to the Dawn of Potential – Postcards from Gravelly Beach #45

Part 6 of the White Poppies for Remembrance series considers the opportunity cost of the lost human potential while at the Victory cenotaph in downtown Vancouver – along the way, troubadours sing about Providence, Joyful(ness) along with spontaneous percussion-scapes and city bus brakes.

DaveO examines the value of life with Gord Downie’s swift deconstructions of existence from Coke Machine Glow, Henry David Thoreau’s visionary stories of perseverance and the value of the mindfulness from Walden and a personal declaration of sovereignty and dignity from original Letters from Russia read in hospital to ole gramps.

Come along for “Awakening to the Dawn of Potential – Postcard #45” (17:51, .mp3, 25MB)

Awakening to the Dawn of Potential - Postcards #45

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Tune-age by:

Chris Jacobsen, “Providence” from “Houseboat” 1995 Spilt Milk Records (cassette)

Note: Chris is a quick-laughing, semi-salty, ukulele-playing, sea captain in knew in Guam in the 90’s – last heard from in Long Beach, WA or somewhere in Rhode Island – i should have a photo around here somewhere … Message to Chris: I hope to have a brew with you soon! Send a postcard.

Rock Plaza Central, “My Children, Be Joyful” from “are we not horses” Outside Music in Canada and Yep Roc Records in the States
Rock Plaza Central
also features singer Chris Eaton’s Novels

See Also: KEXP Suggests Rock Plaza Central (MP3)
Note: Hear Rock Plaza Central songs or order a copy online at their Myspace HQ Rock Plaza Central

“New Shed Percussion Scape” by Dave Olson and Miss Sena of Steamboat Island, recorded April 2007




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