CBT #52 – More Music, Less Talk

Clubside Breakfast Time Epidsode #52 – More Music, Less Talk.

Rainy Window Downtown Olympia - February 15 2007

Check out CrazyWanda’s new NOTSHOCKING podcast, a “mix tape for friends”, which is one of the best descriptions I’ve heard for personal podcasting. Make sure and check out IODAPromonet for “Rights Cleared” music to play on your podcast and or blog.

We read a letter from a listener from Olympia “exiled” to France for awhile, who misses the Clubside Café’s Garlic Tater Tots

Today’s Playlist

Macromantics – Scorch
Kill Rock Stars

Loch Ness – Some Velvet Sidewalk
Until Then Do I Wait – The Noses
Futuristic Sex Robotz
– Back to the Future
and finally,
Dedicated to the beard club boys of Scarsdale Beard Club:

Waldorf – I Didn’t Know What I Was Searching
Kinky Star Record More On This Album

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