50th Episode Podctacular – Sparring at the Spar (CBT#51)

Clubside Breakfast Time Episode 51 -50th Episode Podtacular!!!

Dark Table with Menu

Some quick corrections and additions to last month’s show. John Lennon Update – The final release of “top-secret” papers by the FBI. And a correction, the gospel song we played is really by John R. Butler – “Hand of the Almighty” – aka God Will Fuck You UP!

As this is an anniversary episode, we give proper thanks to Adam Curry, Matt from WordPress (I’ll need another few lifetimes to get to his Karmic level), Chris Pirillo (recently married to Ponzi), Jah (Marc Canter), Dave Winer and Jake Savin for their pioneering work in RSS/XML feed based blogs.

Acknowledge sponsors Oly Coffee, Clubside Café, The Eastside Club, Dockside Deli, the 4th Avenue Tavern, the Place restaurant, Fishbowl Brewpub, and all other “on-location” partners, Zhonka!, IODA PromoNet, Podsafe Music Network, Queer Ninja, Dopefiend, Martin and Tony from the Unmajestic, Father Roderick Von Hogen and SQPN, Uncleweed, KK+, Corey Denis, John from Radio Zoom and his lovely lady Miss 604, our numerous guest hosts Uncleweed, Damien, Gazoo, Dingo (Badzoot), Old Timey Dave, Nuggets, the unnamed counselor, and whoever else I forgot. Our (sadly) non-cash generating affiliate sponsors, Netflix, iTunes, Radisson, Storz-Bickel (Volcano), Happy Vappy Vaporizers, Amazon, Overstock, Weeds (Buy the Entire Season at Showtime by clicking on the link at the bottom left at http://clubsidebreakfasttime.com), or buy a Volcano, ok?

Yosh and Stan Schmenge on Youtube in “The Last Polka”

OlyWA Honorable Mention goes to Rick from Olyblog, for his work meant to unite the community in the new paradigm of “folksonomous conversation” instead of “taxonomous news dissemination”, and to Jason (enpen) for being the newest and most energetic and Oly-Like new Olympian. Also to old hands Rich and Kenny at OSP/KS, Terry Z (still waiting for our history of grunge in Olympia guest spot CBT episode).

Heads Swag Uncleweed

We mention Uncleweed’s recent happenings; His recently published Corporate Blogging White Paper, Talk of Canadian Military Service Evaders on BicycleMark’s Audiocommuniqué , His Heads Magazine Blog, Uncleweed and the Vancouver, BC “Rumour of a Police Reunion Tour“. . . He donates some Heads Magazine Swag, including a few autographed copies for our contest. Get your review of the Podcast on iTunes published, (send us an e-mail when you submit it), and you’ll win great things.

We Play Olympia’s Smoke, rappin’ about downtown in “Sinners and Saints”. And we promise to bring y0u local band Mojo Filta, coming soon!!!

A very special “highest greeting” to the master beatnik, poet, shaman, and cultural icon John Sinclair, still on Chillaxin’ podcast syndicate, but apologies for not updating, all recent episodes of his show will appear (belatedly) in the chillaxin feed soon. Cosmo and guest are hoping to attend the 4:20 party in Amsterdam being planned by the Dopefiend Crew.

Thanks to Pearl Django, Derek Miller of Penmachine, the Golden State Klezmers for background music, and to the Giggling-Piglet Coop for inspiration. Thanks to the listeners (no matter how few subscribe and listen, I make it for YOU), and lastly to Steve Jobs and Apple for helping to embrace our content to sell yet another generation of youngsters iPods and his devices with their goofy interfaces.

This Show’s Playlist

Yukijobo – Supernova Sky
from Nordic Lounge Weekend
DNM – Dealers of Nordic Music

Matthew Abel – Trees
Country Joe – Support the Troops
Billy Bragg – Rachel Corrie
Brewer amd Shipley – The Light
Smoke – Sinners and Saints
John Sinclair
– It’s All Good (Radio)


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