Kerouac Choruses at Third and Harrison – Postcard #36

Kerouac Choruses at Third and Harrison – Postcard #36

In San Francisco on an early morning stroll with a French curled tie, Dave O performs contemporary reconnaissance of an intersection described by Jack Kerouac in San Francisco Blues and discusses Kerouac’s motivations and system for creating these Blues poems.

Geographically speaking, the additional observations include bridge commuters, urine puddles, hot dog and motorcycle tire shops, beer-signed parking lots, a VA condo, a flock of tie wearing folk and apartments with 24 hour concierge service.

Listen to “Kerouac Choruses at Third and Harrison” (.mp3, 9:21, 13MB)
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recording postcards from gravelly beach in san fran

Poetry at Third and HarrisonKerouac San Francisco poetry Stroll

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